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Aristocracy Interview 230 With Swedish Black Metal Band Grá

Line Up:

Heljarmadr On Vocal And Guitar

Niklas On Guitar

Vediger On Bass

Dimman On Drums

Well,Friends Of Aristocracy!

We speak again of our newsroom, where in a little while, we will have in all its emotions, the interview 230 of the Aristocracy.This time, we’ll talk to a Modern Black Metal band that shows a lot of venom in their music.It is evident that his interpretation is very personalistic, but in no time, you will feel that you are listening to something negative. It is clear and evident that Black Metal is not a musical style that will tell about a hot summer day. But, you will not feel disappointed listening to all eight songs of this work. I strongly invite you to do this.With that background in mind, Aristocracy proudly talks to Swedish Black Metal Band Grá and they show us their fourth full-length album entitled Lycaon.We really want to thank Niklas and the whole band for answering our humble but important questions. Also, for all the work you’ve done over the years.Let’s go to a song from their new effort so that this unprecedented interview to the Brazilian press by them can have its beginning.

Introducing our Interviewee:

So, the time has come for me to step out from the bunker that is Grá’s rehearsing space and introduce myself. My name is Niklas and I am the new guitarist in Grá since autumn 2022. I haven’t participated in the creation of ”Lycaon” but will do my best answering your question and share my perspectiv on things.

A1:Talking about the composition work in Lycaon?

Niklas:Heljarmadr is the main writer in Grá, he takes his ideas to the rehearsing-space were the ideas are transformed and forged into songs. Everyone contributes to the songwriting though, for exampel is ”Jaws of the Underworld” written by Dimman.

A2:It’s not that I don’t like it, but why do your songs sometimes sound like military marches?

Niklas:Do they? We do write about war in some songs, a theme that inspires both lyrics and the music itself. If this is intentional, I don’t know.

A3:Why do you use bass drums at times?

Niklas:No bass drums, no metal.

A4:Some literature or film inspire this album?

Niklas:Nothing specific but in general mythology and history.

A5:How and why do we see a doom metal vibe in the band’s sound?

Niklas:Simply because that is the outcome of our creative process.

A6:The sixth and seventh songs are songs in Swedish, only the reality of your country can understand the past message or are they songs that speak a universal reality but sung in Swedish?

Niklas:A universal reality but sung in Swedish. There are always ways to translate lyrics if there’s an interest.

A7:Is it correct to say that at some point this album has a cinematic tone?

Niklas:Hm, if you experience the album that way then I guess it does? It is yours to interpret!

A8:How is Grá different from your previous bands?

Niklas:I would say the experience of the music business on a higher level.

A9:Why the band have this name?

Niklas:It felt like the right decision back in 2010. Probably Dimman and Heljarmadr were consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol, I honestly don’t know as I wasn’t there.

A10:Besides being Bathory fans, what other factors led the band to do this cover?

Niklas:Simply to pay tribute to those who inspire us, it also contributes to the overall dynamic of the album.

A11:Band name aside, what does the band interpret as Lycaon?

Niklas:As the first werewolf in Greek mythology. A rebel who gave his long finger to authority!

A12:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Niklas:Look at the upper right corner of the Väsen album and you will see the Lycaon artwork from a distance!

A13:This album is conceptual?

Niklas:No it’s not. It includes the cold war, serial killers, mythology, filosophy and all the good stuff.

A14:Nothing against that, but why was the decision to make slow riffs made?

Niklas:Like I said before, it’s simply the outcome of the creative process.

A15:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Grá song?

Niklas:Hm, the glorification of monotheistic religion.

A16:How band arrive to Avantgarde Music?

Niklas:Avantgarde asked if Grá would be interested in making a record with them and the band accepted.

A17:The band feel differences between Vasen And now in Lycaon?

Niklas:I’m not sure what you mean. Lycaon is more guitar driven than Väsen. Being more riff-based it gives a different feel for sure.


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